“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever...it remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
- Aaron Siskind

If you asked me to describe the moment I knew photography was my future, I couldn’t. Photography was never some calculated thought. It wasn’t something I had to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing. Photography has always been the most natural fit for my life.

My love for photography is tied into some of my earliest memories. I was raised in a family full of photographers, and as a young kid my father let me borrow his camera to practice taking photos. From here, my love for photography grew alongside me, providing me with a tool to document the moments I perhaps would’ve forgotten.

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My ability to do this - to bridge the dynamic nature of life with our innate desire to remember - is what I believe sets me apart.

The ability to immortalize the emotion displayed in a brief second - to allow “the little things” to live on indefinitely - is something I find so incredibly powerful. While directed and posed photography have their places in my portfolio, my best work comes from opportunities to blend into the background. This is where I’m able to capture the genuine, raw moments that otherwise would live on only in our heads. When I walk away from a shoot feeling as if I’ve briefly become part of my client’s family, I know I’ve succeeded.

As Rob Noelke Photography continues to grow, I strive to capture all of the little moments. The words spoken only between glances, the quick touches that convey true love, the fleeting memories that capture humanity. These are the moments that push me to discover exactly what Rob Noelke Photography can achieve.

Even so, I didn’t immediately realize that I could base my life around photography.

I tried going the traditional route and enrolled at Loyola University of New Orleans, but after two years I realized something my subconscious had always known: photography was my way of creating a lifetime of meaning not only for myself, but for every person met along the way. So, I left Loyola University to enter a new world: the world of Rob Noelke Photography.

Since beginning Rob Noelke Photography, I’ve worked with a range of clients: the NFL, the NBA, the NCAA, the SEC, the Lifetime Channel, restaurants, families, weddings, venues, you name it. Through these experiences, I discovered my niche: working with people who trust me to turn the most meaningful parts of their lives into an everlasting story.

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My Values

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I'm dedicated to providing my clients with high-quality photos that go above and beyond their expectations. In every shoot, I work with each person to ensure our collaborative vision comes to life.



Displaying the emotions that create great photography can feel uncomfortable. This is why I enter every shoot with the intent to genuinely connect with my clients and help them find their groove.



4+ years of professional photography and a young adulthood full of learning the ropes has given me an abundance of insight into the photography world. I'm always happy to help my clients learn about my process.



Intimacy and genuineness go hand in hand. By creating a comfortable environment, I'm able to guide my clients through the necessary steps to capture the intimate, meaningful moments that provide memories for a lifetime.



Strong photos often require a photographer who is able to not only direct clients when necessary, but take the lead on capturing candid moments. At the start of each shoot, I lead my clients through my plan for executing the strongest shoot possible.



Booking a photographer, going to your shoot, and receiving your final product shouldn't be complicated. My job is to make your experience as simple as possible - all you have to do is show up and look forward to your results.

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